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Administering real estate requires extreme care which we can guarantee through the qualifications and motivation of our employees.

Every real estate property, every owners association and every investor is individual and has its own goal concerning its property. They have one thing in common however- they would like to have less work with their property but at the same time they would like to gain the most possible profit and/or increase in value.

“An example of our creative rental success is the property Neulandstr. 2 in Detmold, Germany. At the takeover by the administration, 8 out of 26 apartments were not rented (for years in some cases) which corresponds to a vacancy rate of over 30%. One apartment was completed renovated for €8,700 (bathroom, laminate flooring, painting work), the previous manager had presented offers for over € 24,000. After 9 weeks all of the apartments were rented due to another innovative idea. The vacancy rate now corresponds to 0%.”
- a member of our Team


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